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Increase Your Company's Value with Brand Equity

Head’s Up

Here’s what is covered in this post:

  • What is brand equity?

  • Using brand equity to get PAID!

The Compounding Power of Brand Equity on Your Company’s Value

Regardless of why you first got into business, or what business you have, the one thing that is common to all of us is that at some point we will be transitioning out of our businesses. That transition can take many forms. The key to getting value back out of your business is building a company with transferable value.

The magic of compound interest — for your BRAND!

Valuing Your Business

Let’s say that I want to buy you out of your business. Or merge your company into mine. Or license your brand assets. Or buy a franchise of your business. (You get the idea) How much will you charge me?


Your “hard assets” are easy to account for. These are things like your inventory, equipment, patents, trade secrets, book of business/pipeline, or your email list. I know you can figure out what you have.

The problem is that for most companies, when you add up all those hard assets (and account for depreciation), you reach a depressingly small number. Where’s the savvy business owner bonus? Where’s the return on your time, risk, and sweat?

Brand Equity

The answer is, brand equity. Brand equity is what gets you PAID. And just like the magic of compound interest, accruing a little bit of brand equity steadily over time can yield an exponential return on your investment in your business.

Brand equity is the premium that a name brand can charge when compared to a generic equivalent. It’s a measure of how your company’s brand is perceived by your customers and prospects.

Think about it, the most brand-centric companies have very few assets other than their brand – yet have HUGE valuations (Uber, YouTube, Expedia, TripAdvisor). And brand equity applies equally to B2B as B2C, equally to products or services.

Protect Your Valuation

Here’s where the legalese comes in. I’m a lawyer, it happens.

If you don’t protect and maintain your brand assets, cannot build brand equity in your business. It’s that simple.

So, we’re talking about trademarks, copyrights, branding guidelines, licensing, infringement monitoring, confidentiality & non-disclosure agreements, franchising, business process documentation & protection protocols, and the list goes on…

Be a Business Rock Star

When it comes to branding and building value in your business, the to-do list is endless. But I can help you prioritize. Download a free Brand Protection Resource Guide. This guide will help you organize and prioritize which aspects of your protection plan need to happen first.

I’m offering a new service, called the Brand Protection Roadmap. It’s a value-packed, guided sprint to get you to a rough estimate of your brand equity and a clear set of next steps. Jump-start your asset protection with only a 30-minute, $149 commitment. And there’s no risk — the price is fully refundable if at the end of the session you don’t feel that I delivered enough value for your commitment.